Capturing Movement – Dance in the eye of the camera

Capturing movement – Seeing the dance, Being the witness.


In these sessions we will be playing, researching and combining two art forms – capturing a dance as a witness or using a camera. Capturing a solo, duet, and group work, while being present with your movement not only as a dancer but also as a witness and photographer.

Here is a short video for a small taste –

Dance is the most ephemeral and transient art form, it exists in the here and now, shows itself and disappears, it can never be the same, never exactly replicated. Even a choreographed dance performance varies and feels different according to the location, mood, and state of the dancers as well as the interaction between dancers and audience. On the other side lies photography – capturing the physical moment, looking for the presence, essence and emotional state of motion and movement and holding it on film forever.

IMG_5551These sessions are for people who are interested in dance, experienced movers, and for people who come from the other side of the camera.

The elements that we will address during the course are taken from Dance Improvisation, expressive dance, and Authentic Movement. We will have 1 or 2 professional photographers that will guide us into capturing movement in different aspects – its physical form, its story, emotions in movement and the most elusive element to be captured – the presence of the dance.

Whether you are more into pictures or movement, you will move in both directions, experiencing and creating a dance piece in front of and behind the camera.


There are limited places for this course and registration is required. Send an email with a description of yourself, your experience, and the reasons you wish to join this course.

Once you are registered you will recieve an email with more details on what to bring as well as the schedule for the next classes.


Time: 19:00-22:00

2nd and 4th Saturadys of each Month (November, Decmeber, February, March)

Place – Studio Vredenburgersteeg – Vredenburgersteeg 31-35, 1012 DZ Amsterdam.

Investment – 35 Euro per session, Strippencard of 5 sessions 100 Euro.

Photos were taken by: Jasper Buninga, Marcin Robak, and Tom Goldhand