Workshops & Courses

Contact Improvisation Course

In this course we will go through some of the fundamentals principles in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, Balance, off-balance, trusting the floor, our partner and ourselves, momentum, manipulation, rolling point of contact, flying, lifting and improvisation during a dance.

The course is intended for people who wish to explore and learn more in this wonderful way of dancing. No prior dancing experience is needed, if you have dancing experience it will make your progression faster.

Thursdays- 20:15-22:15

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Dance Improvisation course

Every lesson will take a subject to explore, learn, and play with. We will see how through movement Body and Mind connect into one entity that moves and being moved.

269995_108654965895999_100002544872926_79854_3442841_nDance Improvisation’s main aspect is about awareness to ones body, mind, emotion and motion, movement in space and with partners – we will learn how to expand our awareness more and more, breaking our patterns and going beyond them.

Abilities You will gain from these lessons:

* – A better understanding of your body potential movement.
*  – Increasing the “Body’s Intelligent” for information from within and from outside.
* – Understanding Body’s language of yourself and other dancers.
* – Changing and evolving your movement patterns.
* – Learning to move emotions and through them with the help of music and movement.
* – And above all the joy of DANCING.

Workshops for Advanced Improvisers

The power of pause – in this workshop we will address the subject of pause in an improvisation performance, we will learn to harness its potential in order to enhance our own presence on stage, and the overall performance.  We will see how we can use a pause on stage in order to light a specific moment, or performer.

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Space the final frontier – In this workshop we will address the subject of Space in an improvisation performance, we will learn to see dance not only as the movement of the body but also and more importantly as  shifting the space around the body.  We will see how we can use this understanding to create complex instant composition on stage.

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Private and Group Lessons:

These lessons focus on increasing your ability to express yourself through dance and movement. They differ and change according to your level and needs.

We will focus on movement vocabulary, enriching your body language, physical communication, dance and improvisation technique.

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