Valentijn weekend: Dance retreat voor couples 14-17 February

This Valentine you will get to know yourself and your partner better – In the dance retreat we will play and dance with our partner and with a group of dancers.

It will be a journey of movement and exploration, into our own patterns of behavior and how we communicate in a fun and easy way through movement and dance.

We will have a session of exploring our own movement style and seeing our partner’s own style and how the two come together.

Alongside the specific dance program you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding, to enjoy the sauna, great food and the people who will share this experience with you, and in the evening we will also have a great Ecstatic Dance party during this retreat.

Treat yourself and your partner for a dancing retreat – Enjoy the dance, the sauna, the fresh air and the nature around you.

During the retreat we will have the privilege of going into an Ecstatic Dance Experience.

In this retreat this is what you will learn and experience:

Dance Improvisation sessions – Expanding your body movement vocabulary and learning to connect to anybody in dance.
Mindfulness Dance – Becoming aware to your movement in the here and now, experiencing dance as a meditation and meditation as dance.
Morning Dance – A gentle and soft way to open your day into movement, and waking your body into life for the rest of the day.
Dancing with the elements – Discover which element is your home, and which element is your dancing favorite – are you FIRE, AIR, EARTH, OR WATER?
Ecstatic Dance – A unique experience, where the dance brings you to higher places and into ecstatic form of being.

This retreat is part of a unique concept in which the wellbeing of body & mind are the backbone. You chose one program in a closed group and as ‘special’, there are workshops of the other teachers.


For registration and info regarding the place see here:
New Year Dance Retreat – Tom Goldhand