The Voice of your Body – Dance & Voice Journey in Menorca 11-16 September

The voice and movement of your Body in Nature
A 6 day retreat/journey with Tom Goldhand & Danielle Dinka

In this retreat we will go into a 6 day journey – weaving together vocal & voice work with movement & dance.

You will travel into the most amazing places in the island of Menorca where we will express our natural way of moving and explore new ways of inter connecting voice work and movement. We will allow you to deepen your understanding and connect to your movement and your voice, to realize how to manifest and embody them in a new way.

This retreat is a treat for yourself, and for most of us once in a lifetime experience (although we had quite a few people who came to be with us again).

The island surrounding the studio, the healthy and delicious food, the sea, fresh air, rocks and sands will be our partners. We will work individually with partners and in group, a sound scape can be created and an inner voice can be found. We will come to explore our truly unique voice, inner rhythm and dance.

Join us to experience, feel, express, learn and enjoy 6 days of Nature, Body, Voice, Echoes, Sea, Sand, Movement and DANCE.

Here is a small taste of our retreat on the island from two years ago- see below for schedule, Dance info, investment and facilitators –


Daily Schedule

Arrival on Tuesday, September 11th  – Arriving from 14:00 and settling into our rooms and island time. Opening circle in the nature and dinner.
Departure on Sunday, September 16th  evening after ending ceremony.
(People who wish to stay longer in the retreat center, should state that in their mail).

08:30   Morning meditation/ Movement with awareness/ Yoga

10:30   Breakfast
11:30   Workshop session
14:00   Lunch
15:30   Outside excursion workshop (Beach and Island time)
20:30   Dinner
22:00   Night activity

Outside workshops can include – dancing/ vocal work  in a cave, monuments in the island, on the beach and forest.

* The schedule of the activities times can change during the retreat.

Dates: 11-16 SEPTEMBER  2018.

Investment for the 6 days retreat –
630 Euro – Tents (Eealy bird – until 11.8 – 590 Euro). (FULLY BOOKED)
680 Euro – Shared yurt (4 people) – (Early bird – until 11.8 – 640 Euro).
700 Euro – Double rooms (2 people) – (Early bird – until 11.8 – 660 Euro).


The price includes dance/vocal workshops in a studio and in the nature, 5 nights accommodation, healthy vegetarian food, outside excursions in the sea, caves and organized trips to the most magical places in the island.


DANCE IMPROVISATION – is a complete and full world of exploration of the body, the mind, your inner self and your creativity in dance. It allows us to go within the body, to talk and express ourselves in a non-verbal way and find new ways to relate to other people. In its highest form, Dance Improvisation is a delicate art, a meditation, and a way to create dance in an instant composition.

THE VOCAL BODY – is an exploration into the natural flow inside the body, leading us to the organic relationship of breath, voice and body. Widening our listening, we find the rhythm through the silence and learn to use the natural tools of breath and body to express the melody inside. The heart of the work is to find how we come into contact with the present moment, expressing our being from the inside to the outside.

CONTACT IMPROVISATION – is a way of mutual dance communication. Its main issue is the physicality of two or more dancers that moves together while sharing weight and becoming one dancer. It can be a fast and acrobatic dance, or a gentle quiet and attentive dance.

INSTANT COMPOSITION – is the art and ability to create a dance piece in the moment – the performers are trained to see the space and the possibilities that are present. They become a dancer and choreographer at the same time. When done with more people it becomes more complex and the dancers need to learn how to listen and dance at the same time and how to allow the dance piece to creates itself.

MOVEMENT & VOICE LABORATORY – we will play with different postures and shapes in order to understand the subtle dance between sound, movement and contact. Through improvisation, the work explores the questions: What is the shape of our vocal body? How does the physical space, our contact with others and our own movement influence the natural creativity of our voices? We will explore how our creative being relates to its environment in order to connect with ourselves through our creative experience.

NATURE DANCE – combining all of the above in the breath-taking nature of Menorca. Creating dance and art with the most magical places on this Island.



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Your facilitators

Tom 1Tom Goldhand

– Is a dancer, dance teacher and group facilitator, co-founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, owner and manager of Sadhana Dance School (  Tom has been teaching and creating dance for the last 12 years.

“I see myself as an improviser, I dance to discover, uncover and recover. In the last years my dance gravitate more and more into exploring movement with awareness and this is what I like to share, whether it is in dance improvisation – the art of here and now, working with a partner in the form of contact improvisation, going deep into authentic movement or high and above into ecstatic form of dancing”.

Danielle Dinka

favorite 1

Teacher/Therapist by the method of integration of Voice & Movement, vocal artist, musician, passionate explorer of the human body and sound, a curios dancer. (ISRAEL)

“I see life as an endless melody. My voice and body are my instruments. After I stretch the string, open the channels and clean the rusty spots, I tune myself, and for that I only need to listen.
Connect to the rhythm.
Take a breath, And play.
Music, life and movement are improvisation”.

Anna Poch –

Is a Yogini, Heart Healer, Shamanism,Tantric Masseur, Mindfulness Event Manager and Multidisciplinary Artist. Anna guides people and groups in transformational processes and has a special connection and knowledge with the island of Menorca.

‘’Why I dance…because I like to speak without words…to connect with my soul…to fly!!! to heal!!! to love!!! to come back always to Nature, to the essence.”


Menorca lies 225 km off the coast of Barcelona and can only be reached by sea or air. The quickest and most convenient way to get there is to fly. The flight time is less than an hour from major Spanish cities, and two to three hours from main European cities.

By Air – The cheapest flight companies are RYANAIR, TRANSAVIA and VUELING.


We will show and take you to the most beautiful secrets, sacred hidden places. We advise you, if you can, to stay longer on the island, and to explore more its wonders.

Menorca is the least busy/touristic and most tranquil of the Balearics. This must be one of the few places in the Mediterranean where it is possible to have a beautiful beach largely to yourself in the summer.

Check out the tourist information websites for more information: