Retreats & Intensive workshops

Dance retreat in Menorca (SPAIN) 19-23 September

BODY and AIR, SAND, SUN and SEA combine in Motion, Expression, Sensation and Inspiration. 5 days retreat on the island of Menorca, where the body will be delighted to express, to feel, to discover, to create, to relax, to get to know and simply TO BE.
Come join for an experience of dancing, stretching, rediscovering and getting in touch with the natural way your body dance and move.

This is an invitation to experience and connect different techniques through our bodies, mind and spirit, to take the dance out of the studio into the nature, to play in the outdoors and to jump into a dance in the crystal sea water of Menorca.

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Urban Dance Retreat in Barcelona 27-30 April

IMG_9344Imagine dancing in the nature and bringing it back into the studio, dancing in the studio and taking it into the city. Going to the beach and the city squares to create dance and instant composition.

In this dance retreat we will use technique elements from Dance and Contact Improvisation in order to create Instant composition and dance pieces.

This retreat is for movers, dancers, improvisers, performers and everyBODY that is interested in exploring movevent and improvisation as a way to create dance.

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Dance Retreat in Zeeland – From Mindfulness to Ecstatic Dance 2-4 June 

This retreat offers you the chance to come back to your core and to re-connect body and mind together in movement and being.

schouw_sfeer_buddhaExperience workshops ranging from Mindfulness Dance, Movement with Awareness, Dancing with the 4
elements, Dance Improvisation and an Ecstatic Dance party as well. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding, to enjoy the sauna, great food and the people who will share this experience with you. Enjoy the dance, the sauna, the fresh air and the nature around you.

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