The Point of no Return – Contact Impro workshop at Zaal 100 – 17.2.2018

IMG_8244In this workshop we will center our attention on the concept of weight and and our center. We will see where lies the point from which we cannot go back from our decision to move, or to fall.

Where our balance is beyond off-balance and we have commited to a pathway and movement.

This recognition can help the dancer save him/herself from danger, and to realize what you can do and until which point your movement is relaxed and aware and from which point you will be at the mercy of gravity and the floor.

This workshop is for beginners and advanced contact dancers, all is welcome to join.

Time – 14:00-16:00 Class and after that a free Jam to the participants of the workshop (16:00-18:00)
Cost – 15 Euro (Including the jam)

Place – Zaal 100, Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam.


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Authentic movement in Dance & Contact 10.12 Eindhoven

Developing your inner witness – from Authentic Movement to Authentic Contact

desktopIn this workshop we will take a closer look into Authentic Movement in Dance and Contact.

In the first part we will go into a journey of inner perception, to see without judgment and to move from the unconscious and from our own feelings and sensations, we will be sharing our experience between the dancer and the witness.

In the second part of the workshop we will continue from our own personal dance and go into a shared dance together, in space and in contact developing the inner witness and the outer one, sharing the dance while being authentic to whatever is happening in the here and now, between two bodies and two personalities moving together.

TomThis workshop is for everybody who wishes to explore more their own movement and witnessing abilities, people who wish to feel the authentic way of their own inner and outer movement.

Limited places available and registration is required by sending a mail to – or

Address – Studio 19, Plan B, Hurksestraat 19 te Eindhoven

Date -10.12.2017
Time – 10:30-17:30 (incl. tea, fruit and some healthy snacks)
investment -75 euro, (early bird 60,00 before 1 December)


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The back space, falling into the unknown – Class before Jam 4.11 (Amsterdam)

The back space, falling into the unknown – 4.11

In this class we will explore our back space and fall into the unknown to find a partner there.

Our back is the largest surface we can offer for our partner, yet we usually don’t have so much attention to it as we cannot see it.

We will be expanding our abilities to catch ourselves and to sense without watching over our back. We will use different movement pathways that will test your sense of security, and will give stronger abilities to dance and fall into the unknown.

55This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.

Place – Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Class 14:00-16:00
Investment – 15 Euro  (Jam included in price)
Jam 16:00-18:00

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Leading & Following, Flying & Landing – Day workshop in Eindhoven 29.10.2017

In this contact improvisation workshop we will explore different ways of listening to our partner.
The first part of the workshop will take us through the journey of leading and following – From leading the dance with different parts of the body, to being led through space with a partner.
In the second part of the workshop we will play and address another beautiful subject in the world of Contact Improvisation – flying and being lifted by a partner and landing safely back on the ground.
This is a one day workshop and is suitable for beginners and people with Contact Improvisation experience. We would love to welcome you to this creative and playful day!!!

– Practicalities –

Number of participants is limited and registration is required by sending a mail to  or

Date -29.10.2017
Time – 10:30-17:30 (incl. tea, fruit and some healthy snacks)
Price – 60 Euro
(Early birds till 19.10.2017 – 50 Euro)
Address – Studio 19, Plan B, Hurksestraat 19 te Eindhoven

For more information see and

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The voice of your Body, the Body of your voice – 13-14.10

The voice of your Body, the Body of your voice –
A weekend workshop with Tom Goldhand & Danielle Dinka. 13-14.10


In this weekend workshop we will explore and go into a journey – weaving two modalities: vocal &voice work with movement & dance.

The workshop will allow you to deeper understand and connect to your movement and your voice, to realize how they are connected and to manifest and embody them in a new way.

We will work individually with partners and in group, a sound scape can be created and an inner voice can be found.

We will come to explore our truly unique voice, our own organic movement, our own inner rhythm. Join us for two days of journey inside our body trough listening, dancing, singing creation, playfulness and fully truly expression of your own unique you.

The workshop will be led by two artists and teachers that have specialized in their field and now combine their knowledge to lead and share it on a new level.

We will be gathering for the weekend in a very special place to conduct this workshop – the Odessa ship, a place that will hold us as we go into this journey. It has a magnificent and warm inner deck and a beautiful upper deck with room and view into the Amsterdam water.


Day 1 –
9:00- arriving and landing on the ship deck – registration.
10:00- 13:00 Acquaintance with integration of voice & movement, exploring our voice, learning technique to express it.
13:00-14:30- Lunch break – rest& digest – (bring/ share your food)
14:00- 17:30- Research working – a laboratory and research into creating from our body with voice & movement.

Day 2 – 
10:00-13:00 – Movement & Voice class, learning to encourage our self-Authentic creation, moving from Solo, to duet and group work.
13:00-14:30- Lunch break – rest& digest – (bring/ share your food)
14:30-17:30 – Using our new tools to create an instant composition of both modalities.

Date – 13-14.10.2017
Time 10:30-17:30
Place – Odessa ship – Veemkade 259, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Investment – 125 Euro,
Early bird (before 3.10.2017 – 110 Euro)

Number of places is limited and registration is required by sending a mail to

The workshop will be facilitated by –
Danielle Dinka is an explorer of voice-body-movement. Teacher/Therapist in the method of voice & movement integration. Musician (singer, player) and a curios mover.

Tom Goldhand is a Dancer, movement teacher and holds a M.A in Dance Movement therapy. Tom teaches in Europe for the last 10 years and specialize in Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation and instant composition.

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Contact Meets Massage – weekend workshop (Amsterdam) 2-3.9

Massage therapists know the body of their clients,
dancers know their own body.
A contact improviser must know both.

Where does a meeting of two bodies’ ends and a contact improvisation dance begins? Where does a bodywork therapy ends and a journey of two bodies begin?

In this workshop we will try to see the similarities and differences between contact improvisation and a session of bodywork and massage. Traditionally a workshop or a jam of contact improvisation ends with a bodywork session, the dancers and participants, many of them professional body therapists, share their knowledge of relaxing the body and massaging the muscles and joints.In this workshop we will learn and explore the principles of moving another body without effort and being moved without unnecessary tension.

This workshop is not about the high physicality or acrobatic side of contact improvisation, nor is it about the “choreography” of a specific massage session, but rather on the exploration of what happens in the body when it is being touched in different ways and manipulated into movement, what are the principles behind a treatment and what is the meeting point between two bodies – therapist and patient. What happens in the body of our partner, but also and as important, what happens in our own body as we move into physical contact.


For body-workers this workshop will add some insights into movement, manipulation and relaxation in a moving body. Seeing yourself and your partner (either dancer or client) as one unit in dance.

This workshop is a great experience for body-workers and therapists that have not yet encountered the world of contact improvisation and is also a wonderful opportunity for contact improvisers to meet another side of this beautiful dance.

The workshop comprises of 2 days, you can join one day, however it is advised to join both of them and a priority will be given to people who wish to attend to both of them.

Day 1 – feeling, sensing and exploring different tissues and movement in the body. Bodywork session going into dance.

Day 2 – manipulating, moving together, and relaxing inside the session. Contact impro as a massage and body therapy.

This workshop is being offered with collaboration from “De Akademie voor massage en beweging” in Amsterdam and is credited as school points.  For their website – Click Here

Tom 1Tom Goldhand has been working in the field of movement and somatic over the last 10 years, he is a dancer and teacher in the field of improvisation and contact improvisation, a group facilitator and a certified body therapist (Ilan Lev method). Tom holds a Master degree in Dance Therapy. For the last 4 years he has been the movement teacher for the 1st and 2nd year in the Massage Akademie in Amsterdam.


(last time the workshop was full 2 weeks in advance).



weekend of – 2-3.9.2017
10:30-17:30 (With a lunch break)

Wingerdweg 32, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  140 Euro.
(Early birds – until 20.8)  120 Euro.

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From soft touch to strong lifts – class before Jam 12.8 (Amsterdam)

Contact improvisation is a dance form with a partner while sharing the movement and weight in physical contact.

In this workshop we will experience and explore different ways of going into physical contact – from the soft touch of skin level, to the strong lifts using our muscles and bones structre.

This workshop is a great oppurtunity to dive deeper into our body and explore movement, connection, physical communication and contact dance.

This workshop is for all levels of contact practitioners.

Place – Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Class 14:00-16:00
Investment – 15 Euro  (Jam included in price)
Jam 16:00-18:00

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