Contact Workshop – Zaal 100 Amsterdam – 16.3.2019: Upside down, Downside up

Class Subject – Upside down – Downside up 

This class we will be exploring our orientation – looking up and down, and practicing different positions alone and on a partner.
Making our upside down and downside up – from a different perspective our dance change its feeling and quality, bringing new pathways and new movement to play with.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Open for all levels of experience to learn something.
After the class, there is some more time to practice your CI-moves and enjoy your dancing with the others that join the JAM from 16u-18u!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Place: De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
 Building of Zaal 100,
 Ring the bell of “Studio 100

Time: 14:00-16:00

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From Mindfulness to Ecstatic Dance – 4 days retreat 19-22 April

This Paasweekend retreat offers you the chance to come back to your core and to re-connect body and mind together in movement and being.

Experience workshops ranging from Mindfulness Dance, Movement with Awareness, Dancing with the 4 elements, Dance Improvisation and an Ecstatic Dance party as well. You will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding, to enjoy the sauna, great food and the people who will share this experience with you.

Treat yourself for a Dancing retreat – Enjoy the dance, the sauna, the fresh air and the nature around you.

During the retreat we will have the privilege of going into an Ecstatic Dance Experience.

In this retreat this is what you will learn and experience:

Dance Improvisation sessions – Expanding your body movement vocabulary and learning to connect to anybody in dance.

Mindfulness Dance – Becoming aware to your movement in the here and now, experiencing dance as a meditation and meditation as dance.

Morning Dance – A gentle and soft way to open your day into movement, and waking your body into life for the rest of the day.

Dancing with the elements – Discover which element is your home, and which element is your dancing favorite – are you FIRE, AIR, EARTH, OR WATER?

Ecstatic Dance – A unique experience, where the dance brings you to higher places and into ecstatic form of being.

This retreat is part of a unique concept in which the wellbeing of body & mind are the backbone. You chose one program in a closed group and as ‘special’, there are workshops of the other teachers.


For registration and info regarding the place see here:

Paasweekend Dance Retreat – Tom Goldhand

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Contact Meets Massage – day workshop (Amsterdam) 23.2.2019

Massage therapists know the body of their clients,
dancers know their own body.
A contact improviser must know both.

Where does a meeting of two bodies’ ends and a contact improvisation dance begins? Where does a bodywork therapy ends and a journey of two bodies begin?

In this workshop we will try to see the similarities and differences between contact improvisation and a session of bodywork and massage. Traditionally a workshop or a jam of contact improvisation ends with a bodywork session, the dancers and participants, many of them professional body therapists, share their knowledge of relaxing the body and massaging the muscles and joints.In this workshop we will learn and explore the principles of moving another body without effort and being moved without unnecessary tension.

This workshop is not about the high physicality or acrobatic side of contact improvisation, nor is it about the “choreography” of a specific massage session, but rather on the exploration of what happens in the body when it is being touched in different ways and manipulated into movement, what are the principles behind a treatment and what is the meeting point between two bodies. What happens in the body of our partner, but also and as important, what happens in our own body as we move into physical contact.


For body-workers this workshop will add some insights into movement, manipulation and relaxation in a moving body. Seeing yourself and your partner (either dancer or client) as one unit in dance.

This workshop is a great experience for body-workers and therapists that have not yet encountered the world of contact improvisation and is also a wonderful opportunity for contact improvisers to meet another side of this beautiful dance.

Part 1– feeling, sensing and exploring different tissues and movement in the body. Bodywork session going into dance.

Part 2 – manipulating, moving together, and relaxing inside the session. Contact impro as a massage and body therapy.

This workshop is being offered with collaboration from “De Akademie voor massage en beweging” in Amsterdam.
For their website – Click Here

Tom 1Tom Goldhand has been working in the field of movement and somatic over the last 12 years, he is a dancer and teacher in the field of improvisation and contact improvisation, a group facilitator and a certified body therapist (Ilan Lev method). Tom holds a Master degree in Dance Therapy. For the last 5 years he has been the movement teacher for the 1st and 2nd year in the Massage Akademie in Amsterdam.


(last time the workshop was full 2 weeks in advance).


10:30-17:30 (With a lunch break)

Akademie voor Massage en Beweging
Wingerdweg 32,  1031 CA Amsterdam

Super Early birds price (until 23.1)            – 65 Euro (Limited to first 6 Participants).
Early birds price              (until 10.2)            – 75 Euro.
Regular price                    (After the 10.2)    – 85 Euro.
(Register with a partner and each gets a 10 Euro discount)

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Spiral way to heaven – Class to Jam at Zaal 100, Amsterdam – 29.9.2018

IMG_0525Spiral is one of the key aspects in Contact Improvisation and in movement in general, it can be found in any living being: from our double helix DNA to our patterns, movement’s formation and structural building.

In this workshop we will learn to harness this structure, to better understand it and to build with it a stronger, more fluid way of movement. We will discover new hidden pathways that lay dormant in our body, that once opens will transform our dance into higher levels.

Spirals are one of the strongest movement forms in our body and it allows us to grow from the center outward and from the ground up. Spirals are the way upward from the ground into the sky – so lets Spiral our way to heaven.

This workshop is intended for beginners and also for advanced practitioners and people who have experience in Contact Improvisation.

Time – 14:00-16:00 Class and after that a free Jam to the participants of the workshop (16:00-18:00) – Jam
Investment – 15 Euro for the class and the Jam.

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5 day Dance Improvisation intensive course 6-10 August – From Dance Improvisation to Perfromance

IMG_2071This Summer I am happy to be invited by Crea in Amsterdam to give a 5 days course of Dance Improvisation

In this week you will expand your movement vocabulary. This course will help you to learn how to improvise and to create together with a group an improvised dance piece. You will start with recognizing your movement patterns and expand them, work on choreographic elements, yet learn how to keep them free. You will enhance your presence as a dance improviser on stage.
Places are limited and registration is needed through Crea website –
Click Here

For further questions you can send a mail to

Dance Improvisation’s main aspect is about awareness to ones body, mind, emotion and motion, movement in space and with partners – we will learn how to expand our awareness more and more, breaking our patterns and going beyond them.

Abilities You will gain from these Course:


* – A better understanding of your body potential movement.
*  – Increasing the “Body’s Intelligence” for information from within and from outside.
* – Understanding the body language of yourself and other dancers.
* – Changing and evolving your movement patterns.


eniv 2

What is Dance Improvisation?

Dance improvisation is a complete and full world of exploration of the body, and your creativity in dance. It allows us to go into the body, talk and express ourselves in a non verbal way and find new ways to relate to other people, to our inner wishes and also to time, space and movement on stage. It can be enjoyed by anyone who wish to find the dancer within. In its highest level, Dance Improvisation is a delicate art, a meditation, a joy and a beautiful way to explore your true self and share it with other people.

Entry requirements
All levels are welcome

Wear easy, comfortable clothes in which you can move freely.
Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.

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From Fear of Falling to Free Form Flying 13-17 August – 5 days intensive Contact workshop

5 days intensive Contact workshop – 13-17 August – in Amsterdam
From Reactions to Repsonds

From Fear of Falling to Free Form Flying

The fear of falling is innate in us, it is a born reaction that everyBODY shares from birth.

As soon as the floor runs towards you, or you run/fall towards the floor ,your body’s reflexes kick in, your muscles tension rise and you embrace yourself for the impact.

Tension rises not from falling but from the fear of it. In this intensive workshop we will learn to see, feel, experience this and go beyond the fear of falling into a different place.

25Once the body learns to go beyond this reaction a numerous pathways opens up, and the way to higher levels of dancing is opened – dancing with and over your partner, sliding on and off a body in different heights, and flying higher.

When the fear of falling is gone the joy of flying can be experienced, and with that comes the free form dancing of Contact Improvisation.

In this workshop we will experience and explore how we can learn to override our reactions into a freeform, dancing and extending it into flying.
jam_31By the end of the workshop we will see how we will be flying on a partner in a safe way, and how to feel secure and to ride this flow even in a less secure situation, which in the past might have brought our reflexes and reactions to burst out.

In the first two days of this intensive workshop we will practice and investigate how to increase our physical abilities in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, different pathways, lifting and flying.

7Once we will have our Contact Improvisation language on a higher level we will start to challenge our reflexes and reactions our fears and our tendencies and see what physical sensations arrive.

We will learn to be light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue in order to achieve this not so easy task.

This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.



Places are limited and registration is required –
(In the last 4 years we were fully booked weeks in advance, so if you wish to join be sure to send us a mail soon)


To register send a mail to



Monday 13.8 till Thursday 16.8 – (10:30 till 17:00 with a break of 1.5 hours).
Friday 17.8 (11:00-15:00 and after that ending the workshop into an open jam)

To register send a mail to

215 Euro – fully waged.
(Early bird – before 13.7 – 195 Euro)

185 Euro – for Students, Students of Sadhana Dance (who has a 10 lessons), low waged, and people who arrive from abroad. (Early bird before 13.7 – 165 Euro)

The price includes – workshops, jam, tea and refreshments.
(It does not include meals and lodging).

Place: Studio Vredenburg, Vredenburgersteeg 31-35
1012 DZ Amsterdam.


In the workshop we will address as well the following 4 concepts –

Tension, Intention, Attention, Extension 

Tension – How does our body move? what mechanism and physical forces drive our muscles? and how can we play with the tonus of our body? what intention do we give to our muscles and movement and how does it change it.

Intention – Our will to move, direction chosen, speed decided. Our intention is the driving force for movement manifestation in the body, yet how much of it are we aware of at any specific time and how much is “just” a reflex, or a pattern that the body has acquired over the years without giving it the proper attention.

Attention – Finding the gap between Intention to Tension, the moment where our will become physical body movement. By adding awareness to our will we can create attentive movement that is not merely a reflex to an outside signal. Our attention can go inside the body, to our partner and even far into the extended surroundings.

Extension – Spreading the limbs to the far ends of the Kinesphere, and our movement to the far end of space. Extension is one of the most used qualities in Contact Improvisation, we use it when we reach high over our partner, or when we reach down towards the ground. Despite the strong physical movement to the far edges of our body’s kinesphere, when a “full and true” extension is being made we try to stay with the minimum amount of tension in our body as possible.

Learning how to do that requires all of our attention and intention.

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The voice of your Body – Movement & Voice Improvisation Introduction workshop 28.4

In this introduction workshop we will explore and go into a journey – weaving two modalities: vocal & voice work with movement & dance.

The workshop will allow you to connect to your movement and your voice, to realize how they are connected and to manifest and embody them in a new way. We will work individually with partners and in group, a sound scape can be created and an inner voice can be found.

It is an exploration into the natural flow inside the temple of the body, leading us to the organic relationship of breath, voice, movement and our body.

This introduction workshop stands by itself and is also a taste of what we will create in our 6 day retreat in Menorca that will happen in the summer.

So if you are curious to see what you can create when combining your voice & movement, make sure to inscribe, as places are limited and registration is required by sending a mail to –

The workshop will be facilitated by two artists and teachers that have specialized in their field and now combine their knowledge to lead and share it on a new level.

favorite 1Danielle Dinka
is an explorer of voice-body-movement. Teacher/Therapist in the method of voice & movement integration, an improvisational vocal artist, Musician (singer, player) and a curios mover.

Tom Goldhand
is a Dancer, movement teacher and holds a M.A in Dance Movement therapy. Tom teaches in Europe for the last 10 years and specialize in Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation and instant composition.

Date & Time:     28.4.2018 – 18:00-22:00
Place: Studio Singel, Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Amsterdam.
Payment: 35 Euro.

Number of places is limited and registration is required by sending a mail to


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