The Center of my partner is also my Center – Zaal 100 Amsterdam – 29.9.2018

AMS-CI_StijnVanHulle-8840n this workshop we will center our attention on the center of our partner, and how to connect to it.
Where is the mutual center of gravity in the dance, in a duet or trio.
Is it one specific point, can the center of gravity be moved around the body, and if so how? What is our mutual central point when we dance with a partner and is it possible to be connected to my partner center in different positions and even without contact.
This workshop is for beginners and advanced contact dancers, all is welcome to join.
Time – 14:00-16:00 Class and after that a free Jam to the participants of the workshop (16:00-18:00) – Jam
Investment – 15 Euro for the class and the Jam.
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