Contact workshop – TRUSTING THE UNKNOWN – Amsterdam – 14.4.2018

In this workshop we will address the subject of trusting our body, our skin, center and improvising the dance into the unknown.

In Contact Improvisation we stay in the moment and decide in an instant where we go, where our body will move and how we react to our partner’s choices and dance.

contact 3We will playing, and researching how much we can let go of planning and go into a place of trust that whatever we do now is exactly what the dance needs.

After the class there will be a jam of two hours where we can continue our dance.

The class is 15 Euro and it includes as well the jam.

Time -14:00-16:00
Place – zaal 100,  De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam.

See you on the dance floor and we keep on dancing 🙂

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