From Touch to Contact and in between – 6.5 – Zaal 100 Amsterdam

meeting point of contactContact improvisation is a dance form with a partner while sharing the movement and weight in physical contact.

Your body relies on several senses to cue and understand what and where the dance will evolve – from the eye of the skin (touch), to the listening of your proprioceptive nerves that allows you to see where your body parts are and where is the weight going to be next.

In this workshop we will be exploring in a fun and playful way these two realms, relying on our skin and other senses to explore different possibilities in the dance.

55This workshop is for all levels of contact practitioners.

Place – Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Class 14:00-16:00
Investment – 15 Euro  (Jam included in price)
Jam 16:00-18:00



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