Double Bill – Contact Improv weekend workshop with Robin & Tom (18-19.2)


Double Bill – Contact Improvisation weekend workshop with two great contact dancers.
You have the opportunity to taste the work of two great teachers!
SCHEDULE  – 18.2 Saturday 10:30-17:00 with a lunch break of an hour.

                           19.2 Sunday    10:30-17:00  with a lunch break of an hour.

Studio Seven, Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Amsterdam.


You can join both days or separate.
Full weekend: €95- (€80 for students or low income).
One day: €60,- (€50 for students or low income).
For people/dancers who comes outside of Amsterdam and wish to stay over, you can sleep in the studio for an extra 15 Euro.
For registration please send an email with your name, contact details and a bit about your movement experience to:
freiburg2014About Robin’s workshop (Saturday):
As a teacher, the classes I facilitate are centered around development of performance, natural mobility, embodiment, skill and presence. As a maker, my work gravitates towards the inspired individual state-of-being in relation to human existence on a larger scale. Through a direct, physical performative perspective I seek ways to communicate the essence of art, and I want to clarify the significance of this through direct experience.
I’m a teacher, performer and maker in contemporary dance and physical theater. I teach contemporary dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (mime and dramateacher) and the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg since 2008. On these two locations, I work with (contact) improvisation, experiential anatomy and release technique.
25About Tom’s workshop (Sunday) – Spiral way to heaven.
Spiral is one of the key aspects in Contact Improvisation and in movement in general, it can be found in any living being: from our double helix DNA to our patterns, movement’s formation and structural building.
In this workshop we will learn to harness this structure, to better understand it and to build with it a stronger, more fluid way of movement.
We will discover new hidden pathways that lay dormant in our body, that once opens will transform our dance into higher levels.
Spirals are one of the strongest movement forms in our body and it allows us to grow from the center outward and from the ground up. Spirals are the way upward from the ground into the sky – so lets Spiral our way to heaven.
Tom teaches Weekly classes of Contact Improvisation, gives workshop for dancers and is the founder of Sadhana Dance school for dance.


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