The soft edges of Contact Improvisation – 19-20.11.2016

The meeting point of touch, contact, and sensuality in DANCE

happines-is-real-13In this 2 day workshop we will explore the edges/borders of Contact Improvisation, the psychological effects of movement and touch, motion into emotion, and emotion into motion.

Contact Improvisation is said to be the exploration of physics, the physicality of the forces that guide us through the dance, however in the meeting point of two bodies much more information is being transmitted – emotions, wants, wills, state of mind and many more things and ideas to be explored and experienced.
In this workshop we will learn to trust ourselves and our partners and from that point of contact dance together searching and discovering our edges, softening them and making our borders wider.

12108847_10153022314421621_6497356459821799358_nThis workshop is for everyBODY who has some dance and contact experience and wants to go into a deeper level of its meaning, or for people who don’t yet have a lot of experience but dare to jump into the deep water of this art form.



The workshop comprises of 2 full days, you can join one day, however it is advised to join both of them and a priority will be given to people who wish to attend to both of them.

Day 1 – feeling, sensing and exploring different tissues and movement in the body. The meeting point of two bodies, and the meeting points of two persons.

Day 2 – Going deeper into awareness of what happens when two bodies join in touch and in movement. Putting attention into the intention, wants and wills, tuning the ability to sense and experience sensuality in a mutual dance.

(last time the workshop was full 2 weeks before with a waiting list).

To register send a mail to –
You will get a mail back with the registration procedure.

You can join both days or separate.
One day: €65,- (€55 for low income or students)
Both days: €95,- (€85 for low income or students)

Saturday (19.11) & Sunday (20.11) from 10:30 till 1 7:00.

Place – EdanZ – van Oldebarneveltlaan 6 – 9716EJ Groningen

If you need an address to sleep over in Groningen, please, let it know when you sign in, and we will try to find a host for you.

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