Spiral way to heaven – Contact workshop 26.11 Arnhem

14355119_1306980952660079_90004438012488152_nContact Improvisation workshop with Tom Goldhand (Saturday) and Robin Berkelmans (Sunday).
You have the opportunity to taste the work of two great teachers!

Saturday 26/11 11:00-15:00,  Sunday 27/11 11:00-15:00
Price: € 60 + 1,25€ (service costs)
For registration please send an email to : arnhemsemeisjes@hotmail.com

Description for Saturday workshop by Tom Goldhand:

download (1)Spiral is one of the key aspects in Contact Improvisation and in movement in general, it can be found in any living being: from our double helix DNA to our patterns, movement’s formation and structural building.

In this workshop we will learn to harness this structure, to better understand it and to build with it a stronger, more fluid way of movement. We will discover new hidden pathways that lay dormant in our body, that once opens will transform our dance into higher levels.

Spirals are one of the strongest movement forms in our body and it allow25s us to grow from the center outward and from the ground up. Spirals are the way upward from the ground into the sky – so lets Spiral our way to heaven.

This workshop is intended for beginners dancers in the form of Contact Improvisation and for advanced practitioners and people who have vast experience in Contact Improvisation.


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