Free open try out for our Dance Improvisaiton course -19.9.2016

The new season of our Dance Improvisation course in Amsterdam is starting very soon (3rd of October).

For the people who have never tried, who are wondering what is Dance Improvisation, for those who are curious how to expand their dance – THERE WILL BE AN OPEN FREE TRY OUT CLASS ON THE 19TH OF SEPTEMBER.

Monday 19.9.2016 – 20:00-22:00
Place: Studio Seven, Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Amsterdam.
You are all welcome to join and experience it for yourself.



*  – Increasing the “Body’s Intelligence” for information from within and from outside.
* – Understanding the body language of yourself and other dancers.
* – Changing and evolving your movement patterns.
* – Learning to move emotions and through them with the help of music and movement.
* – And above all the joy of DANCING.

After this try out we will establish the group – Places are limited and registration is needed by sending a mail to

What is Dance Improvisation?

Dance improvisation is a complete and full world of exploration of the body, and your creativity in dance. It allows us to go into the body, talk and express ourselves in a non verbal way and find new ways to relate to other people, to our inner wishes and also to time, space and movement on stage. It can be enjoyed by anyone who wish to find the dancer within. In its highest level, Dance Improvisation is a delicate art, a meditation, a joy and a beautiful way to explore your true self and share it with other people.


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