When the periphery becomes the CENTER – Contact Improvisation workshop 24.10.2015 (Amsterdam)

23In Contact Improvisation a lot of attention is brought to the CENTER. Physical center of the body, mutual center of weight, and how centered we can keep ourselves while dancing with a partner, on the floor, slow or fast.

In this workshop we will bring the center to the periphery, or more correctly bring the periphery into the center of attention.

By extending from the ground, or from our partner allowing the movement to flow into every part along our body, more awareness can be acquired into the periphery and our dance can grow even more.

The periphery is the center, while dancing, moving, walking and flying.

This workshop is for beginners and advanced contact dancers, all is welcome to join.

4Time – 14:00-16:00 Class and after that a free Jam to the participants of the workshop (16:00-18:00)
Cost – 13 Euro

Place – Zaal 100, Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam

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