S/he is Leading the witness – Contact Impro workshop – 29.11.2014

IMG_8292In this workshop we will search for the origin of the movement, what leads me to move and how can I move and lead my partner from different body parts.

We will see that a true contact dancer is always listening to his/her partner and leads the right way for the dance to  happen and not only the way they want to.

After switching roles from leader to being led we will than let go and we will enjoy both worlds, by doing that we will allow the dance to lead our way.

Contact improvisation is about sharing the dance, leaning on our partner and supporting them,  trusting our body and our partner to do the right thing at the right time.

Place – Zaal 100  – de wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam.
Price – 12 Euro (Including the jam)
Time: Class 14:00-16:00
Jam -16:00-18:00

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