Authentic Movement in Dance and Contact Improvisation – Day workshop – 15.6

Power of PauseAuthentic Movement is a very precise and delicate way of sharing a dance – a witness and a dancer, an experience and an observation.

When practiced for longer periods another level of experience can be reached – witness and dancer converge in one body, be it the dancer or the witness.

The dancer observe it own movement, and the observer can be seen as being part of the dance itself, or even having its own dance.

In this workshop we will use elements and concepts from Authentic Movement and see how they influence and being practiced in the world of Dance and even Contact Improvisation.

We will be working with an outside witness and cultivating an inner witness to the dance, to ourselves and our partner as well – be it the dancer, or the witness.


The number of participants in this workshop is limited
Contact for registration –

15 Euro should be sent by bank transaction prior to the workshop to show your commitment and to ensure the payment for the studio rent and material. to this bank account – Tom Goldhand – 42 85 82 907,  (please state your name and the workshop name –”AM in Dance and Contact Improvisation.

Payment for Teaching – this workshop is done by dāna (Donation at the end of the workshop) – you give according to what you want and feel you received.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, June 15th, 13:00-17:00

Place – Studio vrednburgh – Vredenburgersteeg 31-35, Amsterdam.

Map – Click here


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