Contact Improv workshop – How we meet our partner 31.5

jam_31How do we meet our partner? what is it that we bring to the point of contact and to the dance itself?

How does two different approach, bodies, and tendencies of movement negotiate to an understanding of a dance.

What happens when this is not happening?

In this workshop we will explore our way of connecting, and creating a dance together, what do we keep with us and what do we share. We will explore movement and create new dance from the material that our partner brings.

Contact Improvisation is the dance that is being created in the here and now from the meeting point of two moving bodies. The non verbal conversation that is being transformed into a dance.

You are welcome to join and play and explore this wonderful way of moving, relating and dancing.


This Workshop is for beginners and advanced contact dancers and improvisers, you are all welcome to stay after the workshop for a 2 hours jam.

Workshop: 14:00-16:00
Jam: 16:00-18:00
Price – 12 Euros (for workshop and jam)
Place – Zaal 100, de wittenstraat 100

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