From Distance to Intimacy – Contact meets Tango – 18.5.2014 Day workshop

2008-AUG-9-16BuitenkunstTangoFusion (51) 2Day workshop – Contact-Tango experience: INTIMACY & DISTANCE  

By dancing Contact we often get physically very close to a partner, sometimes joyfully, sometimes awkwardly intimate.  On the dance floor other social rules apply than elsewhere, there are clear ways how to express what you want and what you need:

In this workshop we will play with engaging through space (distance), connecting through light touch (skin-level), until full body weight sharing.

How close do you want to be with your partner(s)?
How much space do you need for yourself?
How do you communicate your borders? Joyful and clear?

In Tango there is a variety of styles based on the common agreement to be close in the embrace of the dance – for a limited amount of time, one tanda (a round of three songs) or if desired from both sides longer and more.

The Workshop addresses people from both disciplines, so if you have either Contact or Tango experience or even both then this workshop  is for YOU!

With the red thread of INTIMACY & DISTANCE we will experiment with different “scores”, playing with space-awareness, sensing your own borders and playfully learning more about Tango & Contact.


The number of participants in this workshop is limited
Contact for registration –

15 Euro should be sent by bank transaction prior to the workshop to show your commitment and to ensure the payment for the studio rent and material. to this bank account – Tom Goldhand – 42 85 82 907,  (please state your name and the workshop name –”Contact meets Tango.

Payment for Teaching – this workshop is done by dāna (Donation at the end of the workshop) – you give according to what you want and feel you received.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, May 18th, 13:00-17:00

Place – Studio vrednburgh – Vredenburgersteeg 31-35, Amsterdam.

Map – Click here

Info about the teacher:

R0013986 2Claudia Kratzheller is passionate about Tango, loves Contact improvisation and has been teaching and dancing both for many years. She is part of the CI-network in Amsterdam, teaches Yoga and Tango.

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