Improvisation in Contact Impro. Zaal 100 (22.2.2014)

Photo: Marcin Robak

Photo: Marcin Robak

In this workshop we will address the subject of breaking our own patterns and limits within the practice of Contact Improvisation.

Improvisation is not knowing what will  happen next in the dance, leaving it open to the here and now and what comes from the dance and the partner.

Yet in Improvisation there are many more layers to be explored, the creation of a composition, finding and developing an emerged theme within the mutual dance and adding the awareness to space as well, and not confining ourselves to the bubble or point of contact.

In Improvising in Contact Improvisation we will try to enlarge our dance and to add to the elements of physical pathways and contact principals another emphasis from the improvisation world.

This Workshop is for beginners and advanced contact dancers and improvisers, you are all welcome to stay after the workshop for a 2 hours jam.

Workshop: 14:00-16:00
Jam: 16:00-18:00
Price – 12 Euros (for workshop and jam)
Place – Zaal 100, de wittenstraat 100

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