Space & Time in Dance Improvisation – 19.1.2014

Space - the Final FrontierSpace and Time as the basic work for dancing in the here and now, creating strong presence for every performer in an improvisation performance.

In this workshop we will learn to see dance not only as the movement of the body but also as  shifting the space around the body.  We will see how we can use this understanding to create complex composition on stage and to make the entire room dance.  During this  workshop we will see and realize that the space/stage is not only the place where the dance happens but is also an important partner to any improviser.

alongside space we will address as well the element of time or timing, movement and pause. We will experience that a pause is not a stop in the dance but is the dance. We will see how we can use a pause on stage in order to light a specific moment, or performer.

This workshop is intended for people with movement experience, improvisation experience and people who wish to explore these fields.

The number of participants in this workshop is limited
Contact for registration –

15 Euro should be sent by bank transaction prior to the workshop to show your commitment and to ensure the payment for the studio rent and material. to this bank account – Tom Goldhand – 42 85 82 907,  (please state your name and the workshop name –”Space & Time in Dance Improvisation”.

Payment for Teaching – this workshop is done by dāna (Donation at the end of the workshop) – you give according to what you want and feel you received.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, January 19th, 13:00-17:00


Place – Studio vrednburgh – Vredenburgersteeg 31-35, Amsterdam.
Map – Click here


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