Fly like a bird, land like a cat – Contact Improv weekend workshop 2-4.8 Copenhagen

25Fly like a bird, land and dance like a cat,

One of the best compliments a contact dancer can receive is – “you are as light as a feather”, another good indication to one technique is how we land on the floor, both these partners (the human one and the floor beneath our feet) teaches us how to refine our movement and dance.

In this workshop we will learn to be as light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor like a cat, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones and joints in order to achieve this not so easy task.

By understanding different pathways in space and inside the body one can learn to refine his/her movement capabilities. Seeing spirals pathways as a way up to the air and down to the ground, realizing that one can influence the “heaviness” quality of his/her body and change it in order to be grounded or to be lifted.

We will also work on connecting both body half’s (upper and lower) into a coordinated one unit enabling us to land more softly and to jump higher and glide longer.

This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners of this wonderful form of dance.

Friday class 18-20 (80kr)

Saturday 12-16:30

Sunday 12-16:30 (Sat-Sun price is 600kr / 500kr with discount)

For more information, questions and registration send a mail to  Aleks Dubinskiy

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