Mindful skin – Contact Improv workshop, zaal 100, 1.6.2013



Mindfulness skin – Contact as a meditation form

In this workshop of two hours we will try to go into a quitter place of sensing our thoughts as they pass, sensing the skin as a physical change is felt, and tracing what feeling arise in us when this change is created by another skin surface and partner.

In a mindfulness way we will try to see how it is possible to combine a way of dancing which is sometime very physical, with a sense of ample time – the feeling that time stop an
d you get more connected to yourself and your partner.


To see this dance form as a way of meditation and the meditation as a way of dancing with your mind and body.
====== PRACTICALS ====== Class:14:00-16:00h.
Cost: E 12,= (incl. jam)

Jam: 16.00 – 18.00h
Cost for jam-only: E 5,=
(free for class-participants)

Studio 100, wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
Ring the bell “Studio 100”

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