The soft edges of Contact and Dance Improvisation – 17.3 Alkmaar

Happines is Real In this 4 hour workshop we will explore the edges/borders of Contact and Dance, the psychological effects of movement and touch, motion into emotion, and emotion into motion.

Contact Improvisation is said to be the exploration of physics, the physicality of the forces that guide us through the dance, however in the meeting point of two bodies a whole lot of more information is being transmitted – emotions, wants, wills, state of mind and many more things and ideas to be explored and experienced.

In this workshop we will learn to trust ourselves and our partners and from that point of contact dance together searching and discovering our edges, softening them and making our borders wider.

This workshop is for everyBODY who has some dance and contact experience and wants to go into a deeper level of its meaning, or for people who don’t yet have a lot of experience but dare to jump into the deep water of these two forms or art.

After the workshop we will have some time for rest and digest.

This workshop will be held in Alkmaar between 13:00-17:00

Price – Early birds (until 3.3.2013)- 25 Euro, After 30 Euro.

Registration is required – for registration contact Moira van damme by mail –

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