Legs as arms, Hands as feet. Contact workshop: 11.8

In this workshop we will be exploring and studying the different abilities and unknown potential of our limbs.

Instead of 2 arms, we will have 4 – our “normal” hands and two feet as well.
Instead of 2 legs we will have 4 – our normal feet and two hands as well.

We will transform our legs into arms and manipulate with them, and change our arms into legs and use them for support.

From flying to moving, from landing to rolling – 4 arms are always better than 2, and 4 legs are much more safer.

People who attend the workshop can join for free to the 2 hours jam After the workshop.

Saturday 11.8    – Workshop 14:00-16:00, Jam 16:00-18:00

Price – 12 Euro. (workshop + jam)
Place – De wittenstraat 100, Zaal 100

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