First Contact – Contact Improvisation – Haarlem 17.3

In this workshop we will get familiar with some of the principles of contact improvisation. We will create a mutual dance piece, using space, movement, our own body language and the body of our partner.

It is a workshop for people who would like to take their first step into the world of contact improvisation and also for those who already have contact experience and wish to enhance their listening abilities.

After the workshop there will be a great party.
For more details on the place, time and party – Click Here

What is contact improvisation?

Contact improvisation is a dance technique that was introduced in the early seventies by Steve Paxton. its main issue is the physicality of two or more dancers that move together in contact. It can be a fast and acrobatic dance, or a gentle quiet and attentive dance. The dance changes all the time and allows the dancers to explore themselves, their body language and the way they are  interacting with other people.

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